Driving functionality up and cost down 

Thesuccess of any largeasset management project will be dependent on running costs.Many great market ideas have failed to reach their full potential dueto in-service cost. Costs are increased due to failure to bring on newfeatures without hardware changes, general reliability limitations,andinefficency through profligate bandwidth or power useage. It isessential tobuild in components that can be configured and upgraded remotely overthe network. Reliability, and power usage management are priorities.Advances such as flash upgrade over the air (FOTA) make upgrades inservice simple.  

Embedded products

The Enabler III™ low power module (LPP) from Enfora®is the first of a newgeneration of ultra low power embedded products. It is a full quad bandGSM, GPRS, EDGE modem, with an integrated GPS receiver, a motiondetector, and an MSP430 ultra low power controller from TexasInstruments. Thus it is designed to operate at very low power (<10µA) for extended periods. The LPP supports FOTA (firmware upgrade overthe air) and in-line power usage monitoring. More information available here.

The Enabler III™ fromEnfora® is a quad band GPRS, EDGE, GSM modem. Available in eitherball grid array (BGA) format or molex  connector (shown). Hasprogrammable software environment on board to support features such asgeofencing. Supports voice, AT commands over SMS, circuit switchedvoice, CMUX, SMS, has an integrated TCP/IP stack and UDP(PAD). Smallfootprint at 28 x 27 x 2.5 mm. More information here.

Finished product examples 

The mini-MT™ from Enfora® is a fully certified communications device based on the Enabler™ familyof GSM/GPRS/EDGE modems and GPS receivers. It features over the airconfiguration using AT commands and progammable buttons for featuressuch as geofencing and location alerts (over SMS or GPRS) for trackingor breadcrumb trials. It is designed for remote worker applications andis sturdy and simple to operate, with push to talk functionality. Moreinformation here.
The Spider™family from Enfora® are fully certified communications devicesbased on the Enabler family™of GSM/GPRS/EDGE modems and GPS receivers. They feature over the airconfiguration using AT commands, and simple local integration with aserial connection. The products are designed and cased for reliableoperation in rugged environments. This fully integrated design can bequickly customised to accelerate a new product to market. More information here.

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