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Each project is thoroughly assessed before volunteers are sent. There are a number of criteria to take into account before making a decision. Firstly it is important to us that we can prove that the chosen project is funded in country. The project must be one that can take advantage of the specialist skills of the graduate volunteers, as well as their value as another physical participant. We are also very focused on sustainability, in that we would like to see the work put in toward training and transferring skills so that we leave a lasting legacy of best practice which might further the welfare of generations to come.

The volunteers live and work in the communities whom initiate the projects. It is necessary that the communities themselves provide local knowledge and skill, whilst the SAFAD team provide otherwise unavailable technical skill. All the projects in which SAFAD are involved are adequately funded, long term projects, with a clear strategy and a specific set of goals, and with in country support and funding.

In this way we believe that we make most efficient and effective use of our resources. We will undertake projects in any part of the World so long as these criteria can be met and we can make a contribution to sustainable and appropriate rural development.


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